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Update - Partnerships, Pledges, and Ponderings:

As you've likely heard by now, about a month ago Green Mountain College announced it would be ceasing operations at the end of this academic year. Since that time we've been working as a dedicated group of alumni and friends of the college to prevent the closure from happening.

Our work has been paying off. You all have seen our pledge counts and asks. Through that effort a partner approached us with an idea that we brought to Green Mountain's administration on Monday as a draft plan. We're now working to develop a finalized version of that plan- which projects economic sustainability- to the board of trustees.

This series of conversations has resulted in a significant shift in our thinking. When we started we felt we would be able to walk away knowing we had done our best, but now we believe our best might actually be good enough to pull this off. Things are looking very promising.

That's where you come in. We need to demonstrate to the college and to our partner that we have strong community support dedicated to the success of the school, so we're still looking for pledges. 

Currently, we have 227 pledges, 105 of which are reoccurring. In the first year we have had 55,736 dollars pledged with a five year projection of 156,460 dollars.


The nice thing about pledging is that it gives you some time to actually come up with the money, and the number of pledges we receive is just as important as the amount we ultimately raise, so if you're able to do $5 a year for the next 5 years we need you to speak up now. 

If you can't make $5 happen in the foreseeable future that's okay! We urge you to email us ( and let us know what your background is and what you're willing to do to help out in other ways- we're going to need a legion of volunteers in the next few weeks to pull this off.

And if you know someone who would be willing to offer a matching pledge or grant to a small college in Vermont dedicated to environmental and social justice, please help put us in touch. Our social networks are our strongest asset! GMC's next chapter will look a little different, but the mission will not change.


The Radical Optimists

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Who We Are

We are an organized group of Green Mountain College alumni, students, parents, and friends who believe in the future of Green Mountain College. We are fighting to save GMC and invite you to join us!


To All Friends and Supporters of Green Mountain College:

It’s been a tough week or so, We get it, it’s been a tough few years. It's very easy to feel discouraged, hopeless and lost right now. However, we urge you to join us in becoming ridiculous optimists and believing in the best of the people around us. We don’t know about you, but it has been challenging to feel this way when we are faced by the revelations that led to the #metoo movement, the roll back of environmental regulations from our national government, the incivility that has entered our public discourse, and the lack of clear sighted leadership we see on a national and local level. The announcement of the closure of Green Mountain College seemed to be that one blow too many.  In spite these “so called truths,” we have decided to believe in the best of us, and a large part of that best was born through our connection to Green Mountain College. Green Mountain represents more than just some classes, friends, family connection, or degrees – it is a mind set and a way of life. It is the belief that we bring out the best in each other and that we can bring out the best out in the world around us. It is the feeling that we learned to be reflective, conscientious adults with a deep desire to live authentic, ethical lives that come from the values we learned from our association with Green Mountain College. So for us, this is where we make our stand; this is where we start to push back against the nay sayers and the doom bringers. We are going to be optimists and warriors. We invite you to join us because we are sure it’s going to be hard, but hard is not bad; hard is Vermont Granite - hard hones us and helps us to discover the essence of who we are and what we stand for. Lux Fiat!

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