Thank you all for your support! Save the College; Save the World!


Answering your questions - this will be continually updated!

Q: Who is managing this?

A: We are alumni, students, parents, and friends who believe in the future of Green Mountain College. Bios will be uploaded shortly.

Q: What is a pledge?

A: A pledge is a promise to donate a stated amount over a period of time. 

Q: Will my donation be tax deductible?

A: Yes. We are setting up a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to collect donations, so your contribution will be tax deductible.

Q: Where will my money go?

A: Funds will go to efforts to save the college and to operate the college back to self-sustainability. This includes hiring professionals like lawyers, accountants, and fundraisers to facilitate the continued operation and reorganization of the school, as well as payments toward operating costs and existing debt.

Q: What is the donation goal?

A: Our initial goal is $600,000 to maintain current operations. Our long term goal is to raise $5 million by May. 

Q: Can I write a check?

A: Yes, you will be able to donate with a check. For now, though, your pledge will be enough!

Q: I can’t support the current leadership of GMC. Will that change?

A: Yes. Our goal is to create a new, restructured, reimagined GMC. Our vision for a sustainable path forward requires new leadership with a long-term vision. To that end, we will seek a fresh set of visionaries to carry the school into the future.

Q: What is the plan to move forward?

A: The strategic leadership team is taking appropriate steps to secure the school. If you would like to be involved further, please email

Q: Who will run GMC? Who Will teach? Will you get faculty back that may have left? How will facilities be operated? How will we get enrollment up?

A: We intend to establish a board that will find a president for the college who is committed to its existence and long-term financial stability. We hope that professors at the college will stay or return if they leave prior to the intended closure date. We will do everything in our power to enable professors who have left to stay. We will spend some of the pledged money to hire a professional fundraising firm to help the school stay open in the long run. We also hope to create a large, activated network of alumni who are willing to recruit throughout the country and world. YOU are part of our solution!

Q: Are we receiving full financial transparency from GMC in order for this project to have any efficacy, especially long term?

A: We are working to procure all necessary financial documents from GMC at this time.